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How to have peace and clarity of mind, so you can live a life you love

Transform inspiration into manifestation!

The Emotional

A client-centered training relationship to develop your ability to respond for the life that you truly desire and have the best of what is possible and available with ease. 

Align & Abound

 Break free from limiting patterns of the past and manifest the abundance you truly deserve 

Guided MeditationS 

Peace and clarity of mind at a higher vibration through transformational ease experiences. 

Overcome unresolved emotional issues, awaken your manifesting power, step into your purpose, and have meaningful relationships with ease. 

"The gaining you have is life changing and freeing, I call it a $1,000,000! Literally. You walk in with baggage and walk away with feathers. That's a game changer for me, if  it can do me this good, I guarantee 100% the same results for you."

Magdi Ramdani



As a Resilience Coach, Healer, and Emotional Alchemist with 20+ years of professional experience, my profession is to train my clients to improve their life situations and empower them to develop their ability to go from where they are to where they want to be with ease and flow.


We create and care for a professional relationship in which I aim to potentialize my coachee’s performance so they can autonomously, consciously, and responsibly live to their highest potential. I am a trainer of their consciousness.

I am grateful for the journey each one of my clients reveals to me, the honor of guiding and serving them through their universe, and the privilege of witnessing their transformation.

I would love to know more about what inspires you and the life you want to create.

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