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As our world continues to evolve, it is important that your employees have the skills necessary to thrive in this new landscape. Emotional Resilience, Intuitive Intelligence, and Relational Energetics Skills are crucial for success in both personal and professional settings.

Why do your employees need these skills?


Emotional resilience is the ability to bounce back from adverse situations and maintain a positive outlook.


Intuitive intelligence refers to an individual’s ability to understand and navigate social situations in an effective and respectful manner.


Relational Energetics skills are the ability to connect with others in an authentic and meaningful way.

Not only will having these skills benefit your employees, but it will also benefit your clients.


  • Emotionally resilient employees are more productive, take less time off, and are better able to handle the challenges of their jobs.


  • Intuitively intelligent employees are better able to form and maintain meaningful relationships, which leads to a positive work environment and increased collaboration.


  • Relational Energetics skills result in better communication, increased trust and a more supportive work environment.

Investing in the development of your employees’ emotional resilience, intuitive intelligence, and relational Energetics skills will bring numerous benefits to both you and your clients. So why wait? Invest in your employees today and watch your business grow!

Are you or your co-workers experiencing any of the following?

  • Constant sick days;

  • Stress, Overwhelm, Anxiety, or Burnout;

  • Un-collaborative environment;

  • Poor communication between different areas of your organization;

  • Long meetings and poor engagement;

  • Lack of patience to follow guidelines and procedures;

  • Overwhelmed with the workload;​​

  • Having a hard time dealing with difficult people in customer service...

How much are any of these problems costing your company every day?

Are you ready to do something about it, and turn things around for Better Performance and Productivity?



What would your and the life of your collaborators and employees be like if you were able to prepare for, adapt to, and recover from emotional stress, anxiety and overwhelm in your everyday life adverse situations?

This best-in-class program Instructs the practical use of self-regulation techniques for reducing the harmful effects of accumulated stress, and how to enhance communication skills that help deal with difficult situations with more composure and balance.

It is used by the US Navy, hospital systems, and Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

My name is Alain Phillips, I help entrepreneurs, business owners, teams and organizations become able to prepare for, recover from and adapt in the face of stress, challenge and adversity.

HM-HCM-Cert Trainer-V3.png

Proven and measurable outcomes for your organization include:

  • Higher levels of productivity and employee satisfaction

  • Reduced stress and its related symptoms like burnout and sleep deficiency among others;


  • Improved individual and organizational communication;


  • Real engagement in a healthy productive and harmonious workspace; 

  • Smarter time management and productivity;

  • Enhanced efficient decision-making;


  • Increased group and team collaboration for efficient individual and organizational performance;​​


  • ​Improved ability to effectively deal with difficult people, deadlines, and other challenging situations.


Don't let the challenges you're facing hold you back any longer! Book a discovery call today and find the best solution to help your organization level up to the potential of your vision.


Talk soon!

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