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Live A Life You Love

How to have peace and clarity of mind so you can thrive through adversity with ease and live and lead a life you love.


A practical, Step-by-Step Journey to transform emotional turmoil into peace and clarity, stress into meaningful connection, and inspiration into manifestation. 

As a Resilience Coach, Healer, and Emotional Alchemist I have a passion for helping people discover their ability to respond for what they truly desire and have the best of what is possible and available.

  • Most of the time people invest in professional help when they have no other choice because they cannot figure it out by themselves. 


  • Sometimes people invest in professional help so they do not need it.


As humans, we are always in constant expansion toward what we desire, feel, value, and perceive as possible, thinking of new and better ways to live and lead a life we love, and on our way to experience what we dream about, we can develop expectations that lead us to feel frustration because what we envisioned shows up differently than what we need or want.


Frustration is a state of dissatisfaction that can be used as a stepping stone to discover new capacities that have not been explored.


  • The best investment all people can ever make is in exploring themselves, discovering their gifts, developing their abilities, and practicing their skills.

My name is Alain Phillips, I have a passion for helping people discover their ability to respond for what they truly desire and have the best of what is possible and available.

For the past 20+ years as an Emotional Alchemist, Healer, and Coach I have been successfully helping my clients have peace and clarity of mind so they can thrive through adversity with ease and live and lead a life they love. 

Fourteen years ago I created a

practical coaching method

to save and transform my life.

Emotional Perspective Coaching is one of the most powerful structures of professional help,

it provides a step-by-step path to transform emotional turmoil into peace and clarity, stress into meaningful connection, and inspiration into manifestation. 



The Emotional Perspective Journey is a practical, step-by-step training, healing, and coaching relationship that empowers my clients through perspective, leveraging their personal power to explore, discover, develop, practice, and ultimately discover their power of self, becoming responsible for what they truly desire and the best of what possible and available.


Responsibility is the ability to respond, an ability that can be developed with patience, guidance, and practice.


Everyone is a unique universe, no one is living your life, and only you know what you know, that no one else knows. 


Yes, I am talking about that pattern of thoughts that show up when you resist the way your reality is showing up.


That pattern of thoughts that weighs on you and shows you the way your life should be, those thoughts that prevent you from enjoying every moment with yourself, what you do, with the people you love, your professional relationships, and what you desire.


You have probably been battling with your reactions to such thoughts with resistance and maybe even regret for years.


My question to you, who are reading this, is: As you go forward to conquer your dreams, how much longer are you willing to weigh this inner turmoil that is creating all your outer battles on your own?


Probably you have already considered looking for professional help, but... what kind of professional is a fit for you; for what you value, and for what you want? 


Maybe you have even tried therapy and counseling and you are still feeling dissatisfied. 


Emotional baggage symptoms like unhealthy self-talk, burnout, anxiety, stress, and destructive behaviors toward yourself and those you care about still show up, causing problems, turmoil, and unpleasantness.  


Emotional baggage is made up of those stories you have created or learned and believed to be a justifying reason for the emotions that still show up from unpleasant moments in your life. These stories usually create thoughts that prompt judgments, opinions, and assumptions that show up as reactions to frustrating moments in your everyday life.


When emotional baggage shows up you suddenly can find old stories and circumstances of your life repeating themselves in present problematic situations.


As your life experience expands toward what you desire and you feel what it would be like to have it, you may start to imagine what it would look like and create a plan, goals, and a vision for your life so you get to live through that plan, reach your goals and manifest your vision.  


But… if you have done the before mentioned, you have created a plan, goals, and a strategic vision and you are diligently working for it, why has it not manifested, or why is only a part of it coming to realization, or why does something always get in the way?? Why does what happens suddenly get in the way of your strategy and diligence? Why does the same problem keep on showing up in different scenarios???


So if you have a vision that you have been chasing and: 


…you find yourself being pulled away from it by distrust or anxiety, or; 


…your present is showing up in disappointing ways creating resistance and frustration, turmoil that you are constantly battling with, or;


…you have realized your vision and feel fine with your past and with your present and you just want to keep creating your dream with ease because you value investing in professional help so you do not come to the point of needing it.


Emotional Perspective Coaching may just be for you.



Emotional Perspective Coaching

is for people WHO:



  • Want and desire an integrated abundant, and prosperous personal and professional life.  


  • Value the power of perspective for guidance, clarity, and peace of mind. 


  • Want help with their blindsides to achieve their goals of living and leading a life they love. 


  • Want a support system to help them hold their vision and go through life adversity with ease while they reap the benefits of wisdom and reach their goals consistently. 


  • Desire to live in a path of discovery, purpose, and transformation. 


  • Want a wider view of the possibilities to create a vision and make their dreams a reality. 


  • Want to be available for themselves, what they do, who they care for, and what they desire, living healthy, meaningful, and engaging relationships with ease. 


  • Want to awaken to the potential of self, and;


For people who are willing to invest in themselves because they know the value of their vision and dreams.

Don't wait until you have no other choice. Invest in yourself and your dreams today to unlock your true potential, overcome inner battles, and live a life you truly love.

I would love to know more about what you are doing and contribute to your journey, click the button below and schedule a Free Discovery Call to meet each other and find out if we are a match to work together.

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"Good things come to those who wait.
Better things come to those who don't give up and...
...the BEST things happen for those who believe and lead their vision."

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