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Some times we all need a time away... have a look within and find sense to our own reality.  


These are opportunities to do it guided by professionals at wonderful retreat locations and contained atmospheres.​​​​

Find the time and space you have been looking for to rejoin with yourself and recover your personal power.

The goal of an Emotional Perspective Retreat, is to provide you with practical tools to develop your ability to respond for your life experience. Living your maximum potential effectively and efficiently in a state of flow and joy.

  • Receive proven self development tools, technology and curated experiences that support you or your group to solve problems, transform ideas, heal emotions, live your greatest potential and take positive action.​


  • Develop your ability to build and sustain resilience, access the intelligence of your heart and become capable to prepare for, recover from and adapt to stress, challen​ge or adversity.


  • Become able to connect with others at a deeper, more meaningful and compasionate level of apreciation.


  • ​Learn to self regulate your emotions and be coherent with your Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual atributes.​

Every individual is personally guided to evolve to their own purpose.

Even though the activities may be curated for a group of participants, you will be guided in a program of activities with your particular perspective and practical coaching tools that will keep you focused on your personal goal.

Our next open to the public retreat is being planed presently and is coming soon! Please leave your contact details at our contact form so we can contact you when it is ready.


If you need a time away to rejoin with yourself and recover your personal power, or you would like to do that for your organization, team or group of friends, please contact us to schedule a virtual meeting so we can design the retreat that suits your specific needs.

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