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Who This Is For?

New & Experienced Coaches, Healers, and Mentors, that...

  • Are still struggling to get their professional practice going and have a 9 to 5 job until they can depend on their professional practice because even though they are clear about their calling, they still feel they are missing something to be fully prepared  


  • Recently resigned from their job to dedicate to their practice 100%, are willing to burn the boats to fulfill their dream, and are ready to discover their true potential


  • Have clients consistently now, but are overwhelmed solving problems, so notwithstanding it does not feel like the everyday practice they envisioned, they know they are missing something that can turn things around, so they feel frustrated, and stressed, and are even experiencing periods of burnout but keep going because they love serving their clients.


  • Are experienced, have been in the field for a lot of years, and feel like they have hit a ceiling in their personal and professional growth, and are not sure how to move beyond it.

I help draw the greatness out of each coach I work with.


My name is Alain Phillips and for 20+ years now, I have been guiding, coaching, healing, and mentoring my clients to develop a practical and powerful skillset for them to develop their ability to:


  • Restore their mental, emotional, and physical balance, putting an end to anxiety, stress, overwhelm, and burnout.


  • Heal from emotional wounds and let go of beliefs that prevent them from moving on, so they can recover their power and live in love and joy again.


  • Move past their fear of failure, exposure, and judgment and into certainty, authenticity, and purpose


  • Experience healthy, meaningful & engaging relationships, while they enjoy empathy and care, instead of inner conflict and disconnect


And… Live the life they dream about with ease!


90% of coaches, healers, and mentors burn out before they have a chance to shine.


If you want to thrive in today's fast-paced, ever-changing, and often challenging world, you need crucial skills not only to help you navigate your personal and professional life with ease but also for providing exceptional support, guidance, and amazing breakthroughs for your clients.

Apart from the certifications that are available to become a Coach, the distinct and powerful practices to help heal others, or your life experience that is valuable to your clients as a Mentor; on your way to creating a successful steady career helping others overcome adversity, reach their maximum potential and open their hearts, there are other essential skills to develop, that only the really experienced people in this field have and you will need for yourself and your clients if you are looking for a long term consistent career. 


These may take years of professional experience to master.

These skills will allow you to manifest the professional practice and the life you have dreamed about with ease, meanwhile, you experience the satisfaction of witnessing the amazing outcomes your clients achieve with your help. 


These abilities and skills are nonlinear and scattered in millenary culture teachings, they are usually developed through life experience or the teaching of highly respected masters in each of their fields and can take years to master.


People who have mastered these abilities and skills usually have very high emotional intelligence, outstanding mystical/spiritual connection, and charisma/people and leadership abilities, or have developed them by surviving extremely harsh situations.  

Abilities and skills like: 

  • maintaining balance and stability during times of stress and uncertainty, which help you respond to challenges with grace and poise, allowing you to remain focused on your goals and priorities.

  • taping into your inner wisdom and making decisions that are in alignment with your authentic self, which help you to maintain a sense of purpose and fulfillment in your personal and professional life.

  • building deep and meaningful connections with your clients, which not only enhances your professional relationships but also enables you to create a safe and supportive environment for your clients to heal, grow, and transform.

Having these skills will not only benefit you personally and professionally but will also greatly improve the work you do with your clients. Your clients will appreciate your ability to support and guide them through difficult times with empathy, understanding, and skill.

I am talking about a unique set of abilities and skills that are nonlinear and can develop your inner capacity and ability to be an emotionally resilient, intuitively intelligent, and energetically relational individual.

1. Have more energy at the end of your day developing your inner capacity to prepare for, recover from and adapt in the face of stress, adversity, or challenge


Be able to maintain peace of mind amid adversity and avoid getting into conflictive situations remaining calm, thinking clearly, and being in control of your response to what you feel.


2. Access your intuitive power and be able to reframe conceptual problems into practical solutions for yourself and your clients. This is the ability to intuitively read patterns in your behavior and the behavior of others.


3. Respond for what you feel instead of reacting to it, and in doing so, have conscious choice and purpose through discernment and insight. (Access to constant Aha! Moments)


4. Lead by influence rather than design: instead of controlling, manipulating, exploiting, convincing, or coercing others to impact their behavior, attitudes, opinions, and choices; provide opportunities, empower others toward their higher potential, show empathy with precise actions, give trust, and receive trust, connect from a deeper sense of meaning to yourself and others, invest in collective success and feel elated.


5. Become resourceful under any circumstance, convey your ability, and trust all your social and professional interactions and relationships.


... and all this in a state of harmony, peace of mind, focus and flow (a timeless life experience), feeling elated, enthusiastic, and renewed with a sense of poise and vitality.

Pay close attention: this is the last personal development journey you will ever need; it will give you the tools, strategies, and techniques that are essential in your backpack as you venture toward the top of the mountain and discover your personal power!

I hereby invite you to a personal development journey to develop a set of skills in a proven step-by-step method to master emotional resilience, intuitive intelligence, and relational energetics, so you can transform your life and the life of your clients as a complement to your services, without investing in years of teachings, hundreds of thousands of dollars traveling the world to find the right teachers or having the life experiences that will give you such skills and abilities the hard way.

Every coach needs a coach, and I have happened to master these skills and coach, mentor, and heal my clients with them for the past 20+ years. I am now willing to share them with fellow coaches, healers, and mentors, so if you are still here with me, maybe it is because you and I know this is what you have been looking for! 


A mastery of yourself on a higher level of consciousness with a purposeful open free heart, and in doing so, allowing others in your presence to open and free their hearts in a ripple effect.


So, if anything, some, or everything of what I just shared with you resonates with where you are now and what could be possible and available to you…


…and you are ready to discover your true potential because there is a voice deep inside that is tired of being comfortable in your discontent and is time to speak your truth, live your potential, and claim your authenticity as a healer, coach, or mentor?! 


I am here to help, click the button below and schedule a 15min. discovery call so we can get to know each other and find out if we are a match to work together. 


My services are in person, physically, or live online, this is not an evergreen online program, you will have me 1 on 1, and I can only work with a limited number of committed people that know the value of investing in themselves.


So, click that button now!


Talk soon!

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