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"The most exciting thing about life is that perspective gives it meaning". 

-Alain Phillips-

Alain's career is founded on helping people bring about positive change in their lives and the lives of others.


With a keen perception of human nature and 20+ years of professional experience, he is considered by his clients and peers as an emotional resilience expert. 


Alain has helped hundreds of individuals and organizations thrive through emotionally adverse life & business situations.


At a very young age Alain’s father thought him the importance of belief and emotional self-regulation. 


At the age of 15 he started to have out of body experiences that triggered his curiosity to find out more about meditation and breath-works to transform his emotional and mental state.


With the support of his father and uncle, before reaching the age of 20, he had attended over 30 different courses of emotional, spiritual, physical and personal development. 


After studying Law School, he became an independent consultant on how to prevent the human conflicts that the legal procedures pretend to solve.


Following his passion to help others, he volunteered as a development instructor in Angola. His experience helped him realize emotional conflict was the source of most of human adversity. 


Passionate about the power of emotions and social change, at the age of 24 he continued his life & business consulting practice and became a social entrepreneur in the Riviera Maya, México.


At the age of 28, his socially responsible business had transformed the lives of thousands of Maya Culture Indigenous people in Mexico and his consultancy practice had transformed into Resilience Coaching to help his clients to auto-regulate their emotions while empowering them to respond effectively through emotional adversity.


At the age of 31, Alain created the Emotional Perspective Coaching Method to thrive through a life-threatening emotional adverse life & business situation of his own.


Soon after, Alain started to successfully share The Emotional Perspective Coaching Method with his clients, and to compliment his thriving results got licensed as a Personal Power Coach, The Coaching Game Points of You Trainer, Bioneuroemotion Practitioner, and HeartMath Certified Trainer.


Now at the age of 45, his Private Coaching Sessions, Workshops, Organizational Training, and Retreats focus on transforming the vitality of individuals and organizations, helping his clients Live A Life They Love.

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"If you dare to be authentic and develop your ability to express what you have always truly desired with all your faith, the recognition of yourself is the greatest prize to share with the world."

Dare you?
 - Alain Phillips -

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