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for high-performance leaders and entrepreneurs that want to experience a full connection with their self's potential,

and fulfill their personal and professional purpose with ease. 

Step into
the full power
of your presence
and thrive!

Welcome to The Emotional Perspective Journey, if you feel is time to heal from emotional wounds and let go of beliefs that prevent you from moving on, so you can recover your personal power, and:


  • Restore your mental, emotional and physical balance, putting and end to stress, anxiety, overwhelm and burnout


  • Experience Healthy, Meaningful & Engaging Relationships, while you enjoy empathy and care, instead of inner conflict and disconnect


And... you want to purposefully

Live the life you dream about with ease.


You are in the RIGHT PLACE!


My name is Alain Phillips, and for the past 20 years I have been guiding, coaching, and teaching High Performance Leaders and Entrepreneurs how to:


  • Transform stressful unexpected situations and crisis, that create self doubt and fear of failure into moments of conscious choice, certainty, and opportunities for creation and growth.


In this one-of-a-kind curated one-on-one coaching and mentoring program I will personally guide and coach you to become aware of the power of your emotions and be able to experience clarity in your thoughts, so you may then:

  • Choose effective actions and manifest purposeful solutions with ease.


  • Move past the fear of exposure, failure, or judgment, impostor syndrome or constant procrastination


  • Regain sense of confidence, trust, certainty, purpose and flow that puts an end to doubt and worry, so you can feel enthusiasm to manifest your wildest personal and professional dreams.


…and all that, while you develop a fearless relationship with yourself, everyone, and everything you purposefully engage with.

​My services are in person, physically or live online, and I can only work with a limited number of committed people.

So, CLICK the button bellow

to schedule a 15minute free discovery call now,

and let’s find out if we are a match to work together!

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"The Emotional Perspective Coaching Sessions gave me with a clearer vision of how to build my future. As an entrepreneur I have always been used to planning and analyzing. I probably had forgotten the importance of feeling and how emotions influence the creative process.


It has been of great help to me and I definitely recommend it as a tool for personal growth. It has given me tools that clarify my direction in an efficient and fun way."

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